Unicorn Communications is a turnkey Program Management company specializing in telecommunications programs/projects for telecommunications carriers, corporate communications departments and petroleum industry companies. Unicorn Communications can provide the skills needed to meet your requirements, whether you need a full turnkey program or just specialized resources:
  • Telecommunications Program Managers (Network and Systems)
  • Program Controls
  • Program Engineers

Unicorn Communications uses a rigorous program management methodology in all of our program/project activities. Our process combines the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to program/project activities in order to meet or exceed customer needs and expectations. We strictly and expertly control multiple, inter-related project activities, performing:

Program Management, a specific undertaking, or projects, to achieve a number of objectives, for example, a development project or a large single-purpose project with a series of interdependent projects.

Project management, he planning, organization, monitoring and control of all aspects of a project and the motivation of all involved.

Program/Project Management, requiring a delicate balance of knowledge, skills, and techniques to meet or exceed, and satisfy, competing stakeholder needs and expectations:

  • Scope, time, cost, and quality
  • Stakeholders with differing needs and expectations
  • Identified requirements (needs) and unidentified requirements (expectations)
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