Unicorn has a long and distinguished history of successfully dealing with state, USA federal, and International regulatory commissions. Whether representing clients through informal negotiations with staff, or participating as an advocate in formal docketed proceedings on behalf of individual clients or industry associations, Unicorn has consistently insured the interests of its clients were well represented.

Unicorn's recognized stature before regulatory bodies coupled with its intimate familiarity with the regulatory process enables us to credibly assist your company with issues spanning several critical areas:
  • Interconnection agreements
  • Intra company compensation mechanisms
  • Arbitration and mediation service certification
  • Expert testimony
  • Regulated rate case/rate rebalancing initiatives.

The telecommunications industry continues to experience the heavy pressures of rapid change, and nowhere are the pressures more evident than in the Regulatory arena. Unicorn has the expertise to assure timely, accurate compliance filings. We also work diligently to advocate small company positions in order to promote informed regulatory decisions regarding separations, the access charge process and Universal Service support mechanisms.

Our people actively serve on national committees and industry task forces, analyze the impact of regulatory rulings and procedure revisions, prepare expert comments, prepare waivers, make necessary filings, and prepare and file federal tariffs for client companies. In addition, we make filings associated with acquisitions, study boundary waivers, long distance (domestic and international) requirements and radio licenses.

Unicorn's offers more detailed analysis, monitoring, reporting and summarization of regulatory events, which allow companies the increasingly critical ability to formulate business strategies reflective of the latest regulatory trends and developments.


Unicorn Communications helps telecommunications companies satisfy a myriad of state, federal, and or country telecommunications regulatory requirements. All companies providing telecommunications service to the public can use Unicorn Communications compliance services. After a careful review of a client's needs, Unicorn Communications helps prepare the company to take advantage of the emerging opportunities in communications by obtaining and maintaining regulatory approval.

Regulatory support will be provided by Unicorn Communications to our client's before, during, and after successful negotiations and Commission approval of an Interconnection Agreement.

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